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About Kindlies

You know that feeling when you start to miss your friends and your family? Often, it is the time you find yourself on a social network or photo sharing site looking through the pictures of everyone you care for.

Today our friends are scattered around the world and across many social networks like Facebook, Orkut and Google Plus. Further, their photos are posted on even more sites like Picassa, Flickr and Photobucket. Until now, there was never a way to view all your friends and their photos in a single place. Kindlies changes this. Kindlies helps you discover all your own and your friend's photos scattered across different social networks so you never miss a memory.

Kindlies (kind•lees) allows you to easily view and share photos from all your networks, all in one easy to navigate place. The Kindlies' tools help you relive your best memories and keep up with your favourite people. It's even ok if you want to check on your old dates...but you'll probably be happier if you focus on your friends and family instead!

So what is Kindlies? Well, we're a group of unique tools for photo lovers, created to make the world a kinder place.

Photos from different social networks... in one place

An up to the minute view of all your network's photo albums hosted on different social websites and photo services.
Browse photos and share your picks with friends.
Read photo comments, "Like" images across networks and download your favourites.
Photos are viewed and shared via links to the original networks. All your original privacy settings are maintained.
Download any original photo.

All Your Friend's
Recent Photos on One Page

View the latest photos of your friends posted on many different social networks... up to the minute and in one place

Discover your friend's latest photos on their other social networks


With the weekly photo report e-mail you'll never miss an important or touching photo because it didn't enter your network's newsfeed


Mix & Share All Your Photos

Browse, mix and share all your online photos from one convenient place
Combine photos from multiple networks and create entirely new albums.
Read photo comments, "Like" images across networks and download your favourites.
Relive the good ol' days: Easily create a new album and collect all the photos from a particular friendship, relationship or time in your life.
Share your new photo albums with friends on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, or via e-mail.

Friends from different social networks... in one place

View in one place, photo albums of all of your friends on different social networks.

View on one page, all recently uploaded photos from all your friends on different social networks.


View photo albums of friends of your friends from different social networks.

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World's Most Popular Photos

View World's Most Popular Photos from different social networks all on one page.
Share amazing photos with your friends

Email Attachments Organizer

Find that important file you know is stored somewhere.

Recover after a data lose and quickly find copies of your files stored in your email.


Discover old photos sent to and from friends buried deep within your many email accounts.

Instantly back up all the documents sent to and from clients.


Notes & Tags on photos

Add your notes anywhere on photos.

Tag faces on photos and get notified when yours appears on major social networks.

Photo attachments from all your email accounts

View photo attachments from all your email accounts.

Download photo attachments to your computer.


Organize photo attachments into new virtual albums and share with your friends on different social networks or by email link.


International Photo search

Type a search keyword in any world language. We will translate your keyword into many other world languages and search social networks all over the world for any matching photos. All photos found will show their descriptions translated into English.

Search for photos across all major social networks.
Search for photos using any world language.
Find unique photos you won't discover anywhere else.
Find local photos from countries you want to visit.
View photo on source social network.
Download photo to your computer. is wholy owned by Earthlandia Technology inc. © 2011  
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